Don’t leave your child’s life in a judge’s hands.

As your Personal Family Lawyer®, helping you select and legally document long-term guardians for your children is one of my specialties. The system is a comprehensive methodology to guide you step-by step through the process of  legally documenting guardians for your kids, for the short-term, long-term, and so much more. As a Personal Family Lawyer® firm, I’ve been trained to support you to put in place the Kids Protection Plan® for your minor children and/or children with special needs. 

Get started immediately

Because naming legal guardians for your kids is so critical, you can’t afford to wait to get the process started. That’s why I’ve created an easy-to-use (and absolutely free) Kids Protection Plan® website you can visit right now to create legal documents naming the long-term guardians you’d want to care for your children if you could not. 

If you have minor children—or children with long-term special needs—living at home, you should immediately use this resource, or contact us directly, to get started. And then schedule a follow-up visit with us to put a full Kids Protection Plan® in place. The numerous resources offered in the full plan go far beyond just naming long-term legal guardians.

The Kids Protection Plan®  also lets you grant the people you choose (along with backups) the legal authority to temporarily care for your children, until the long-term guardians can be located and formally named by the court. And you’re also able to confidentially, but in writing, exclude any person you know you’d never want to raise your kids.

Indeed, the full Kids Protection Plan® offers a broad array of protective measures and materials designed to provide for the well-being, care, and love of your kids no matter what happens. Contact me today to ensure that your children and family never fall victim to tragic circumstances. 

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